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Course title: Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

Course Description: "Enhancing Your Leadership Skills" is a 4-day course designed to embrace the organization's mission and enhance the capabilities of its supervisors.

Target Audience: The target audience is for new supervisors. It is an intense supervisory course but employees at all levels, supervisors and non-supervisors who are looking to enhance their leadership skills could benefit from this program. This is the ideal course for new employees who are supervisors or soon to be.

Number of Students: 24

Room and Space Requirements: The course will use one large room for about 30 people and three breakout rooms large enough for seven students per room.

  • Option A: Cost: 4-day off-site delivery program, $18,000: The total cost of the course, including material, facilitator's travel, training equipment, training conference rooms, coffee breaks is $18,000 for 24 participants.
  • Option B: Cost: 4-day program at organization's own facility, $15,000: If the organization perfers to conduct the training at their own facility and furnish the training conference rooms, coffee breaks, and equipment, the cost of the program would be lower, $15,000 for 24 participants.

Our preference is to conduct the training off-site, to have participants full attention; however if conducted on site, it is requested that students do not return to the work place during the four days of classes.

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